Why Your Business Needs A Killer Website


When you search the web for businesses or services you usually have a fairly specific vision or purpose in mind.  You want search results to begin flooding in that are right on target with your search and you want them fast and you want them accurate.  Who wants to spend minutes or hours on Google searching through row after row of results that have nothing to do with their search?  Nobody, that’s who, and we all understand this and best of all Google understands this.  A website is so much more than an attractive layout, easy to navigate menus and so on.  A website needs to speak “Search Engine” a website needs to scream your brand and a website needs to be easily found.  And any website that doesn’t hit those marks isn’t a killer website.

What Is A Killer Website?

There are a great number of things that make up a killer website.  I wanted to cover a few of the primary items that really promote your website not only in the eyes of your viewers but in the eyes of the internet gods themselves such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

Think, for a moment, about how you typically find a business or website you’re searching for.  You either know their web address right away or you pop open Google and fire in their name or related keyword in hopes of finding them online.  In fact, the latter is usually the case with most people and making sure your audience is finding you on Google is where I’d like to start our little adventure.  Afterwards I’d like to get into brand-specific design, content marketing & a couple other things.

Appealing To The Internet Gods

Using a phrase like “The Internet Gods” may sound a little over dramatic but in all practicality search engines are the gatekeepers to the web in its entirety.  Hundreds of millions of people use search engines daily making billions of searches, and search engines have one very specific mission: Provide accurate, tailored individual results that are right on target.  If Google didn’t vet every website before it started serving them up to searchers results would be confusing and potentially harmful to those using Google’s primary service, it’s search engine.  So what does Google do?  Google reads every last website out there and then indexes the entire internet (more or less) to see how many other websites out there can help lend a little information about your website.  Google then uses this information to determine in the most basic of senses how much “Authority” your website has as it relates to those keywords people are firing into Google.  *Phew* …  That may seem like a lot to take in but Google and other search engines like it have to make sure that your website, business, etc, is something that a searcher is actually looking for, and if Google decides it isn’t you get downgraded in the search results.

So, what does this all have to do with a Killer Website?  That’s a great question and an important one.  Your website has to be primed for Google to come in an read it, to trust it, and to ultimately convince Google to list in search results.  Which brings us to Search Engine Optimization.  With so many DIY website builders out there such as Wix & Squarespace (yeesh) entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the like are able to create websites cheaply that don’t look too horrible.  But a critical component these services are lacking is perhaps the most important, which is the ability to supercharge your website’s SEO.  Yes, these services say they’re Google Ready or offer the ability to add “tags” and other content to your content but it’s all surface, it doesn’t get into the meat of what great SEO is and doesn’t allow anyone (especially the layman) the tools to really supercharge their website.

A Killer website will, of course, have all the surface optimizations, these include keyword research and distribution throughout, title and other content tags, written content and so on.  But what really makes up a Killer website is the addition of well-written Schema Markups, a Comprehensive Sitemap, Privacy Policy, additional Meta Information, Specific Page Structures, CTAs, Targeted well-Written Content, and so on.  And when asked about these DIY website builders my number one caution to those thinking about using them is their ability to actually improve their Search Engine presence.  At the end of the day, that’s what truly matters, you want, or rather need to be found on Google and in order to achieve this Google needs to view you as an Authority in your field, an Authority for those keywords your audience is firing into Google.

Wow, How Do I Ensure My Website Is Ready?

The best way to ensure you’re website is ready to begin convincing Google and other search engines alike that you’re an authority to be trusted and served to those searching for you the best place to start is speaking with a Web Designer, Company, of Agency that knows their stuff.  I, of course, would love to speak with anyone who has any questions and Raging Rocket has a proven track record of producing quality websites with out of the world Search Engine Optimizations.  My door is always open, feel free to drop me a line!

Sounds Good, But What About Those Other Things You Mentioned?

Absolutely, a killer website is much more than killer SEO.  I’d like to ask you to think back to any website you found through Google or perhaps a website you were referred to by an individual to go visit.  You click on the link or pop their address into your browser and after a few seconds, you’re served with a website that looks 20 years old with a spinning GIF and flashing titles.  Okay, it may not have been *That* dated but it may not have looked all that great.  A moment ago I was mentioning how a website might be able to convince Google that their website is exactly what you may be looking for but it’s an entirely other thing to convince a visitor you’re what they’re looking for.  And that’s my next big point, making sure your website screams your brand, has a clear and thought out design and is easily navigated.

If you think back to the mental image of the 1990’s website you may have visited in the past if you ran across something like that today you may have immediately clicked away.  Unless you were looking for Retro-Web Design services or an 8bit arcade chances are their lack of attention to their website may have cause to write them off altogether.  And not because you’re a shallow individual or they didn’t have the expertise or product that would have been exactly what you were looking for, but simply because their website screamed “RUN!”.  Human’s are visual and for the most part impatient creatures.  We want attractive things to flood our screens and we want what we want fast.  And when a website serves us a steaming hot plate of 1990’s digital nightmare chances are we skedaddle.

This is another reason a reputable web design company is important when considering your website.  These companies like Raging Rocket Web Design are filled with industry-leading trained professionals that understand the latest design trends, people’s online behaviors, and so on.  We also want what is absolutely best for your business, if we’re not providing a truly valuable online resource you’re not going to come back or refer any of your friends to us.  We’ve created web design packages that offer an absolute mountain of value because we know that anything less wouldn’t allow us to achieve our mission, which is creating websites that earn you more business.  We like to say “Our Success, Is Your Success” which simply means when your businesses succeed online we’ve done our job!

You Mentioned Content Marketing

I did indeed, content marketing is how you keep your website alive and relevant.  Content marketing is basically creating content for your website/business that speaks to your brand and business and gives Google and other search engines the ability to continuously understand your business.  Think of all those blogs out there, they stay relevant because they’re constantly producing new blog posts that hover around a fairly central theme.  Google scans and reads all this information and uses it to determine who else to share their blog with when searchers plug in those search term keywords.  Generally speaking, the more focused, on message content you deliver each month the more information Google has to use to understand who you are and who to serve you to online.  This is why all the major players out there have well-developed blogs and other content (videos, images, advertisements, social media posts etc) constantly created, it brings in more searchers, and more searchers mean more potential customers, clients, sales, leads, and business!

I sincerely hope this helped you understand a little bit more about what we do here at Raging Rocket and gave you some insights into what a Killer Website is all about.  In the coming weeks I will be expanding even more into the world of Web Design and Business Development, if you’d love to stay updated please send us your email below and subscribe to our mailing list, we also occasionally send out instant savings and invaluable resources for the Biz Wiz that you are!

Our team is always standing by to answer your questions, in fact, we ♥ questions!  Feel free to send us a message.

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