Why Is A Website So Important?

The Digital Face Of Your Business

Much like a storefront, a website is typically what a new customer first sees when they find or interact with any business.  The state and age of that site will directly influence that potential customer on whether or not they decide to learn more about that company or skip it altogether in favor of a company with more to initially offer.  Businesses lose out on literal billions of dollars each year to competitors who simply have a better website because at the end of the day people are visual creatures and if they don’t like what they see they’ll quickly and shamelessly move on.

Losing a customer simply due to an old, outdated or otherwise unattractive website seems fairly silly on the surface.  And it’s a painful lesson a lot of business owners have to learn the hard way.  Think about how you might have searched online for a new service or product and came across a website that just looked like it was from the late ’80s with dancing text and flaming gifs.  You probably hightailed it out of there before your computer caught a virus or worse.  All of us do the exact same thing.  The sad truth is that as business owners, a lot of us don’t take that into consideration when creating and launching our websites.

Things to keep in mind when getting your site up to snuff would be:

  • How relevant are my visuals
  • Is my message on point
  • Would I immediately leave
  • Does my site so everything I need it to do

Conveying your brand

Everyone has a personality and as such a businesses brand would then be its personality.  At least it would be it’s posed identity, but more on that in a second.  Your brand must convey a message of professionalism as well as trust.  Without a proper branding strategy in place, your business won’t seem genuine or have the ability to establish a rapport with it’s targeted demographic.  Having a well thought out and on target branding strategy is critical for any business to have.  And once achieved building around that becomes a lot easier.

With your branding in mind, you can begin conveying your businesses character online with your website and other marketing efforts.  This will allow your target audience to relate and connect better with your company.  Small businesses especially have a hard time with this as resources are usually more scarce and the manpower is usually spent elsewhere.  It’s important to remember that no matter your size you want to define your business and come up with a branding strategy that resonates with your values, products and services.

Creating new and loyal customers

Your website is also responsible for generating sales in any way possible.  This can be in the form of collecting emails to begin email marketing or funneling traffic into a well thought out sales process.  Every company is different and not all solutions work for what service or product you’re selling.  There are an incredible amount of ways your website can help you generate more sales and increase your growth.  Speaking with a professional designer or agency can help you come up with ideas on how best to utilize your website to accomplish this.  After all, at the end of the day, if your website isn’t earning you money in some way then what good is it?

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