Think You Don’t Need A Website, Think Again!

“Eat At Joe’s”

Remember that sign?  It’s iconic, everyone has seen that sign at some point.  It’s probably one of the most recognized memes of a sign there is.  I dunno, maybe I’m wrong, but my point is it’s something a lot of people know about, or have seen, or something.

In the past having a sign for your brick and mortar business was absolutely essential (still is now that I think about it).  Not having a sign was a really good way of getting missed entirely.  Your sign told your customers where you were – or that you existed at all.  It’s the exact same way with a website.

It’s already tough enough to get new customers or clients to recognize you.  You market and market and market your business until your eyes begin to bleed all in an effort to get noticed.  And it’s a big tough ocean out there.

What does a website do for me or my business?

It’s all about growth baby!  A website is so much more than just being seen or noticed.  A great website is the face of your company for so many people.  It’s not only the first thing new customers will typically see, but it’s also the port of reputation for your company as well as a salesman and trusted employee.

I maybe personifying it a bit too much, but the point is simple.  Your website should be one of the most precious tools in your Business Super Hero Tool Belt.

I often ask new clients to tell me what their website should be doing for them and their business.  Often time that is accompanied by a few “Uhhs” and “Uhms” and I usually help them along.  A great answer would include:

  • Educating clients on who I am and what I do
  • Conveying my brand properly and effectively
  • Selling my services or products
  • Retaining a rapport and relationship with my customers
  • Be an informational resource
  • …and others

As you can see from that short list your website can and absolutely should be much more than just a digital sign for your business.  It should be one of your MVAs (Most valuable assets).

Let’s dig in →

Customers Prefer A Website

Have you ever searched for a company on Google and found a promising company and clicked on its “Website” button only to land on a Mobile Version of their Facebook Page?  *Facepalm*

When I see that I cringe a little inside and then shoot a message or email to that company owner to talk about their digital presence.  It’s like wearing yoga pants and that sweater you paint into a job interview.  Sure, you’re wearing clothes but jeez man you’re not impressing anyone.

You see, people like seeing a professional website.  Not a half baked attempt at saving a few bucks.  (sorry not sorry for being a little too real there).

When I click on a company’s website link looking to now more and land on an informative site with lots of information and a clear message I’m enthralled.  And I can promise you and everyone else that I’m 100-1,000 times more likely to do business with that company based solely on the simple fact that I landed at an actual website, with actual information, and actual actualness.

It Tells A Story About Your Company

This is going to piggyback off what I said above a little bit.  Having your life together with a strong website instantly tells me and other consumers that you’re who I need to be dealing with.  It tells me that you care.

It creates a picture of your professionalism, your identity, and more.  Think about a time that you fled from a terrible website.  What were you thinking about at the time?  What were your feelings about the company at the time?  Did you instantly want to do business with them?  Did you get excited and hungry for the opportunity to give them your hard earned money?  If your answer was yes to any of that you may have brain weevils and should go see the nurse.

Moving on.

A Big Net

Your website is like a big net.  In a recent poll, over 81% of consumers surveyed reported that they search online before making a purchasing decision for almost any industry.  That’s 81% – 8 out of every 10 people – Woah!

Your site is like a big net to help catch and real in those people.  Without your net, you’re seriously missing out on a massive amount of fish – literally sending them to other fishermen.  And that’s awful nice of you.

Wrapping It Up

My posts are typically straight to the point, who has time to read a 2,000+ word blog post these days anyway?  Without a website you’re not doing yourself any favors, if anything you’re doing your competition favors.

As you let your potential clients and customers slip by they’re standing by to catch ’em (I think you get the point).

I want you to succeed.  So much so I created an entire company to help small businesses succeed online.

Let’s make sure you have a website and begin catching more fish!

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