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Introducing our brand new Authority Module SEO service!  The best way to increase your website’s authority among search engines, generate high-quality backlinks, and begin earning more organic search traffic!

But what is Authority?  What does it do for my business?  Why would I care about an Authority Module?  These are all perfect questions that I would like to dive right into.

What Is Authority?

In the nuttiest of shells Authority is a bullseye term used to describe how Authoritative Google and other search engines see your website in its specific niche.  A great example of this would be two identical websites.  Both of these websites sell shoes.  Website A and Websites B has been in business the same number of days, have the same number of pages & the same shoes.  Let’s say the only difference is Website A has been able to generate a lot of backlinks that are closely related to their own and these links are found inside articles that are closely related to their shoe store.  Website B said “Phooey” to all this fancy SEO stuff and hasn’t generated any backlinks, content, articles – notta.  When Google begins to scan the internet as it does millions of times a day its going to pick up on all the great content, valuable backlinks, and related websites that they’ve been able to establish connections with rank them Higher in search results.  All because Google sees Website A as a more Authoritative source for shoes over Website B.  Sorry Website B your rival gets all your business!

The example above illustrates a critical idea in Search Engine Optimization that exceeds far beyond optimizing your own personal website.  Authority I mentioned above was a “bulls-eye” term for good reason, it simply means how much Authority Google sees you have and Google will rank you against everyone else’s Authority on the web.  Now, this is simplifying the process a bit but ultimately the idea is sound.  The more Authority Google sees that you have the more often Google will show you to online searchers.

What Does Your Authority Module Do For My Business?

The most effective way to make sure your business is growing is to begin earning absolutely free, delicious, and valuable Organic Traffic.  Organic traffic the Mak-Daddy of all traffic you can hope to get.  It’s when someone looking for more information on the services or products you provide plugs in a keyword into Google and BOOM you pop up on the first page and then they click on your website.  This individual wasn’t served with any of your ads, this individual found you using Google’s free search tool and you just snagged a new client or customer without having to attract them via some other means.  This is critical to all businesses and this is why you may have been having trouble earning these organic searchers.  There is so much competition that if you haven’t been working hard to earn those highly valuable backlinks like Website B then you’re missing out on thousands upon thousands of searches each and every day.

Earning organic traffic is so important that big companies pour millions and millions of dollars into creating content, generating highly valued backlinks, and all sorts of other marketing tactics to convince Google that they’re exactly what searchers are searching for.  Now don’t you worry, you’re probably not competing directly with those multi-billion dollar corporations, and even if you are your true competition are the hundreds of other little guys that you need to beat to one of those first spots on Google.  Which can be a lot easier and cost-effective than you might think.


Why Would I Want An Authority Module From You?

Earning organic traffic is paramount and getting to a place to begin earning that organic traffic can be rough, time-consuming, and in some cases extremely expensive.  That’s why we’ve created a service that takes care of that for you!

We’ve developed an Authority Module that has been specifically developed to generate High-Quality Backlinks inside specifically generated content that Google will see as Authority building content.  This Authority Module has been proven to help your website earn traffic from more specific targeted keywords, increase your page rankings, and increase your overall organic traffic.

How it works can get a little technical, however, the basic principles of our Authority Module are to develop content specifically written for your niche, spin links to other articles of the same type on different domains (this helps with the articles Authority) which then link to your website.  This becomes the foundation of your Authority Module.  After the initial Authority Module is established we begin slow dripping related articles with more links to the links to the links to your website which increase the validity of the Authority Network we’ve created for you.  Like I said, it can get a little technical and mildly confusing, but the message here is that Google views this as other top-level domains referring to your primary domain thus increasing your Authority.  And the more Authority you have the more organic traffic you will earn.

One of the greatest strengths of our Authority Module is that it doesn’t use any black-hat tactics.  Black hat tactics are those that can potentially (usually) harm your website’s SEO.  These would include automatic backlink generators which Google notices and sees as spam.  Other blackhat methods may involve injecting non-content rich backlinks on unsuspecting websites which Google sees as a type or piracy or hijacking.  Which can actually get your website penalized by Google search.  Our Authority Module doesn’t use any of these tactics.  All backlinks are brand new, content-based, and super effective!

That Sounds Amazing How Can I Order My Own Authority Module?

We’ve made the process as simple and affordable as possible!

Get Your Authority Module Today!

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