How much should a website cost?

Its a question you’ve probably asked yourself once or twice in the past. And for some, they don’t really care, it’s a race to the bottom. And we gently caution those that in the end you will always get what you pay for. And ultimately, it may not just be a bad website, but poor communication with the developer, language barriers, missed timelines, and frustrations that aren’t worth any “low price”.

Now, that doesn’t mean that a website for your business can’t be affordable. We take a look into what websites on average are costing and how we compare versus what the industry offers on average and what we offer. After all, we’re pretty proud of what we do and offer.

So without any further adieu let’s dig in!

What should your website cost?

That is the question. The industry likes to break everything down about your website and general needs. For example, if your website needs 8 pages and contact forms with a few added features like newsletter subscription capture forms, 3rd party integrations, social media integrations and the like, a typical web development agency will break it all down and charge per item. They’ll also look at your company and place you into a “pricing bracket” (something we think is a bit unfair but whadda-ya gonna do). We created a standard info-graphic that sort of breaks down what we’re saying.

Over 90% of our clients fall into the “informational / small business website” category. Which makes sense since we specifically target those clients as they’re who we are most passionate about.

As you can see in the table’s data these websites can cost anywhere from $2,000 – $9,000 dollars. And most agencies like to break this down and quote out for every single thing you need.

  • How many pages – $$$ +
  • Custom designed or template based – $$$ +
  • What kind of functionality is needed – $$$ +
  • Content management system – $$$ +
  • What kind of security – $$$ +
  • What kind of hosting – $$$ +
  • Data integration – $$$ +
  • Search engine optimization – $$$ +
  • Responsive Design – $$$ +
  • Style of design – $$$ +
  • and on – $$$ +
  • and on – $$$ +
  • and on – $$$ +
  • …you get it

So, what does that mean? Well, if you need something you’re going to pay for it, separately.

Some development companies even go so far as providing calculators to their perspective clients to help them understand what they might end up paying.


This practice puzzles us beyond belief. This is just an easy way to turn off a client. Think about it, if you’re looking for a website or other business solution chances are you’re not an expert.

Which means you’re probably going to want an expert to help navigate those waters. Now I’m certain this company has a call line or something that will allow you to get this help, but chances are I already saw a price and left that site because I didn’t understand or like what I was seeing.

And by the way, with those options selected they quoted us a price of $19,500 – $36,750… No thank you. And what does it mean to have a “Moderately styled” website? Give me a break.

So, is there a different way out there? Of course there is.

Being offered a packaged price may be the best way to go.

So, let’s say you’re a business owner looking for a great website. Probably not knowing what the best solution is or even where to start. That’s where our approach, we feel, really shines.

You see, instead of nickle and diming a client to death we have found that offering everything they need in a single packaged price offers a lot more value and is easier to understand.

Do you need a bunch of pages? Great, no problem. What about customized contact forms or other integrated items? We can do that! How about a way to collect payments or sell a few items? We have you covered.

We have found that when evaluating a website’s cost we’re able to offer a lot more and make it way easier on our clients but letting them know up front what their website will or could include and what the cost is. This way they’re educated and can understand the value a lot better. After all, you being a business owner in this example, understand the importance of having a website, what you probably don’t understand is all the small stuff that goes into creating one, which with our approach you won’t need to, chances are we have you covered.

So, what does a website cost then?

Alright, alright already! You have a lot of options. There are literally hundreds of thousands of freelancers out there, thousands of agencies and companies as the pool constantly gets deeper and wider.

We keep navigating these waters very very simple as 95% of all our client’s needs are easily handled with our Web Development package which typically costs less than $3,500. To some that may seem like a large investment, but it really isn’t when we look at the value a website offers a company.

We’ve always stuck with the idea that your website should be working for you. If it’s not producing more customers, or more sales, or whatever you need it to be producing then yes, it’s worthless. That’s why we create a strategy for each and every website we craft that allows for those goals to be met. Because after all, your investment should produce a return and a measly $3,000 shouldn’t hold your business back from growing.

We also did the math, on average a small business website that’s professionally developed, consists of around 10 pages, and has several integrated features costs about $6,000. Which means we are about 50% less expensive than the industry average. Isn’t that cool? And for larger custom built website solutions the industry charges an average of $105/hr we only charge $65/hr which is almost 40% less expensive. It all comes down to ethics for us. There’s no reason for us to charge $105/hr or $3,000 more for a website, and there’s no reason you should pay that. -several sources including marketing research and industry expert opinions

So let’s break the ice, give us a shout or ring us and let’s discuss how we can begin growing your business today.

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