Boost SEO With Content Marketing


What in the devil is content marketing?  Glad you asked!  Content marketing can be as simple as writing a blog related to your niche.  Maybe you love writing, maybe you hate writing.  The bigger picture is making sure you have some additional content on your website in order to give search engines something to lock onto.  This is paramount in any website’s SEO efforts.

What Are The Basics?

Great question!  Basically outside of gaining authority with quality back links in solid content elsewhere on the internet developing content for your website is a critical way of establishing your website and business online.  Take this blog post for example.  I’m writing about content marketing which is closely related to web design in that it pertains to Search Engine Optimization and establishing a authoritative presence on the internet.  And as I wrote about before the more authority you have the higher you’ll rank in Google, simple.

So Where Do I Start?

You keep asking great questions!  The best place to start is with your blog.  Having a blog is a fantastic way of generating content for your website and building authority.  There are a number of methods one can use to discover topics to write about.  One of the best ways is to see what’s trending on the internet at any given time.  One of the simplest ways of doing this that doesn’t cost a dime is to look at popular community sites and see what’s trending.  The more something is trending the more relevant your material will seem in the eyes of the internet gods.

One of the best resources to use is Reddit.  What, Reddit?  You heard me correctly, Reddit is a great place to start when trying to find relevant content to write about.  A simple search within Reddit will reveal thousands of topics on your search.  Then all you have to do from there is find a topic that has a lot of views and comments and collect ideas as to why they’re so relevant and have sparked the conversation therein.

Isn’t That Copying?

Something I’d like to stress is to come up with original content.  But like all things out there if it exists there are next to an unlimited number of versions of that something.  So the key to remember here is to stay relevant by writing about a different view point or adding your own experience on a topic.  Keep the content and material new and fresh and be sure not to ever plagiarize.  Stealing content and marketing it as your own is a massive red flag when trying to establish yourself online.  Google will flag you, other will flag you and you’ll over all have a bad time.

When looking for concepts to write about keep your message unique, try and find ways of portraying that content in a new way by like I mentioned before coming up with your own viewpoint on it or spinning a twist into it.  Do your research too, you may feel you’re an expert on something but you may shortly discover that a once held belief you had may turn out to be not entirely correct.  Wisdom goes a long way when developing content for your website.

Are There Blogging Services?

Absolutely!  But like I mentioned in an earlier post you want to make sure you’re using a reputable source.  Additionally, you want to make sure with whoever you’re going to for your blog content that they can write and stay relevant to your niche.  You want to ensure those writing content for you have a firm grasp on your business or company and can produce written content that other find useful and interesting.

Currently, Raging Rocket doesn’t offer any content marketing services, however we partner with the best.  If you’d like to learn more I highly recommend check these guys out, they’re content marketing gods!

Our team is always standing by to answer your questions, in fact we ♥ questions!  Feel free to send us a message.

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