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So, you’ve started working on your website some more and you’re trying to beef up your SEO.  What you should first realize is that there is no quick fix to ranking highly on Google and other search engines.  What you need to understand is that this takes time and anyone promising instant results isn’t telling you the whole truth and or right out scamming you.  And in some cases they may even be causing extreme harm to your online reputation and Google rankings.

If exercising caution and realizing that SEO takes time are the first steps to optimizing your website’s search rankings then the next is definitely finding reputable vendors that can provide you with white hat services that will actually benefit your website instead of harming it.

What Is White Hat?

White hat, simply put, is a way of doing something on the line.  It’s nerd talk for providing a service in a reputable way without risk of harming you or others.  Black hat would be the exact opposite of white hat and I’d like to write for a moment about what Black hat services may look like and why you should stay away from them.

Black hat services are those that try to “cheat” the system a bit and can potentially cause a lot of harm and damage, both to your reputation and even in some cases to others.  A common example of a Black hat service as it pertains to SEO would be mass link generators.  There are a plethora of instant link generators out there that are all marketed as ways to instantly gain increased rankings on search engines.  This is one of the worst things you can do for and to your business.

Back in the early days of the internet Google basically ranked websites by how many back links (or links on other sites that lead to your website) a website had.  The general idea behind this was anyone who was linked so many times obviously had a great product or was somewhat of an authority in their niche.  However, like all other things people figured out a way to exploit this ranking technique.  Instead of spending hours, days, weeks and longer creating relationships with others in order to establish reputable back links on other sites people created ways of massing links on bogus or phony websites in order to increase their search rankings.  And for a great while it worked, that is until Google and other search engines got wise to the scheme.

Moving forward search engines have become a lot smarter in the way they determine who to show your website to.  Today search engines rank websites based on their authority.

What Is Authority?

I’ve mentioned authority a couple times and for good reason.  Authority is the golden metric used by most search engines in determining who gets to see your website or business in other’s search results.  Basically, the more authority you have the more people see your website or business.  So how do you get authority?

Well in short we have to go back one step.  Remember those back links I was talking about a moment ago?  Well, they are still very important, however it’s not so easy to trick Google any more.  Over the years Google has developed ways of ranking websites based on their back links as well as the context that surrounds those back links.  What?  Yes, Google will actually read the content around your back link as well as any anchor text to determine the validity of your authority.  Now of course there’s a little more to it, but in the most basic of examples if your back link is found on another website which is related to your website or business Google will see it as having an amount of authority and that increases your over all rankings on google, in a nutshell.

But What About Black Hat Again?

Great question.  You see, using black hat auto link generators out there on the web today those links will rarely fall into any content that is remotely related to your own.  And in some cases it may land inside content that has nothing to do with your business and most commonly no content at all.  There’s absolutely nothing good about that as Google will at that point consider that link spam or useless.  This could actually cause Google and other engines to penalize your website.

There are other black hat seo methods out there and the easiest way to spot them is if they promise something too good to be true.  “Rank #1 Fast” “Instant SEO Boost” “Free Back Links” and so on are Red Flags and should be steered clear of at all costs.

What Can I Trust?

I highly recommend speaking with an expert.  Find a company or someone you can trust with your SEO.  Our team is always standing by to answer your questions, in fact we ♥ questions!  Feel free to send us a message.

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