Web design in 2020.

You can’t escape the web. Everything we do in one way or another has a direct connection to the internet. And that’s very true for all things business. Let’s talk about web design and why it’s very important especially here in 2020.

Businesses, products, services, entertainment, and so much more is all floating around as ones and zeros in cyberspace.

Everything we do is online. And according to Entrepreneur Magazine your website is most likely going to be the very first impression your business makes. And it’s critical that impression is a great one.

Great web design is just the beginning though. Having a easily navigable website is tremendously important. On average people spend most of their initial time on a website just reviewing the menu options.

web design is not only a concept it's a extremely important factor on keeping your users engaged.

This may sound silly, but think about it. When you pop onto a website you may first notice the above the fold content but what you’re really going to start looking for is the button that’s going to take you to where you want or need to be.

It’s an indisputable truth, having poor navigation will just peeve people off. And they’ll bounce.

That’s something I’d like to talk about too. Bounce rates.

That link above takes you to a Google article that explains what bounce rates are. But the short explanation is popping onto a website and then popping off before any action is taken. And it’s the scourge of any website owner.

A high bounce rate means people aren’t engaging with your website. And if people aren’t engaging with your website that basically means your website is, well, broken. And not serving any purpose.

The object of any good web design is to ensure people are interested and engaged with the material being presented.

What good is a website that’s confusing, offers way too many menu items, or is overall a pain in the behind to use. The answer is, it’s not.

great web design means people are sharing their experience with others

Sharing is caring, which brings me to my next topic.

At the end of the day a great way we can tell if a website is doing it’s job (outside of floods of new customers pouring in week over week) is if people are actively sharing it’s content.

If I’m an engaged user on a website, and I find something valuable, I’m going to want to share it. And the more people share your content or website the more engagement you’ll get.

It’s this concept here that I have the hardest time getting our client’s to fully understand. This ties heavily into some other topics but I’ll keep it pretty lean for the time being.

You see, at the end of the day it’s all about having content that’s not only “on the nose” but also answers the user’s questions, solves the user’s issues, and or is ultra relevant to the user’s interests.

And what is the end result of that formula? Engagement and sharing. And after all, sharing is caring.

is your web design engaging your users

So, I want to ask yourself, is your website doing everything mentioned above? Is it doing one thing well and another not so well? Is your content being shared by your users (or do you even have any content)? Are people fleeing from your website just as soon as it loads up? Does your website even load quickly (massive cause for higher bounce rates)?

If you’re not pleased with any of the answers to those questions above then I encourage you to think about having your website re-imagined. In fact I’d love to speak with you – let’s schedule a call!


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